Ian Britto

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Address: 5500 North Service Road, Suite 903, Burlington, ON L7L 6W6
Lawyer Firm: Stephen Durbin and Associates
Phone: 855-544-5222
Email: ianb@sdalaw.ca
Website: sdalaw.ca

Areas of Practice
Family Law

Ian joins Stephen Durbin & Associates with over 10 years of litigation experience. Ian is known for his passion and compassion when representing clients. Family law can be quite complex and having experience on your side is paramount. As a father to a newborn and a three-year-old, Ian understands the challenges with parenting and fluid family dynamics.

Ian’s style of advocacy is resolution focused. Having an appreciation for the aftermath that litigation often leaves behind, and with the realization that families are often left with to pick up the pieces, Ian’s family law practice strives to take a practical and sensible approach. Ian’s most valuable experience to his clients goes beyond the courtroom. With negotiation training from the prestigious Harvard Business School, and extensive mediation experience, client’s often benefit by seeing early results.

As an experienced litigator, Ian has appeared at various levels of court including the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Ontario Divisional Court and the Ontario Court of Appeal. Ian draws on broad litigation experience from over the years that include criminal matters with the prosecution’s office, corporate and commercial matters and complex injury litigation. This diverse legal background translates into an expansive and deeper understanding of family law issues that often cross paths with other areas of law.

Ian has a special interest in cases involving family violence and grandparent contact. He has helped numerous clients achieve a positive outcome in a cost efficient and expeditious way.

When Ian is not practising law, he may be found on the shores of Hawaii strumming his ukulele under the night skies, in Australia diving the Great Barrier Reef, in New Orleans catching a Saints football game or in Chicago cracking into a deep-dish pizza.

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