Erin Betts

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Address: 2200-393 University Ave. Toronto, Ontario M5G 1E6
Lawyer Firm: Epstein Cole LLP
Phone: 416-862-6213
Fax: 416-862-2142

First Year of Call
Ontario, 2010

Areas of Practice
Family Law

Erin is a partner at Epstein Cole. She develops creative legal strategies that address a diverse range of family law issues, including child and spousal support, property division (including complex business structures, pension division, and family trusts), high-conflict parenting, and child protection.

Erin delivers insightful and pragmatic advice with compassion and understanding. She is skilled at guiding her clients throughout the legal process and effectively accomplishes their goals through negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or litigation, depending on the circumstances of each particular case. Not only is Erin practical and solution-oriented, she is highly attentive and empathetic to her clients’ specific wants and needs.

As a panel member of the Office of the Children’s Lawyer, Erin focuses on the strength, independence, and consistency of the children’s views and preferences and advocates for her clients in both custody and access disputes as well as child protection matters. Her experience as a children’s lawyer has contributed to Erin’s child-focused approach to family dispute resolution. Erin has appeared at all levels of court in Ontario including the Court of Appeal. She frequently appears at the Ontario Court of Justice and Superior Court of Justice as well as in mediations and arbitrations.

Erin offers parenting mediation services to help parties navigate parenting issues with sensitivity and efficiency. Whether you have counsel or not, Erin’s approach is to try and make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible. Erin creates a supportive environment where families can work toward reaching agreements that prioritize the well-being of their children.

Active in the legal community, Erin is an appointed Dispute Resolution Officer (“DRO”) for the Superior Court of Justice in Toronto, a part-time member of the Legal Aid Ontario Board of Directors and a presenter at the Ministry of the Attorney General’s Mandatory Information Program. She is involved in Pro Bono Students Canada’s Family Law Project and participates in the Windsor Law Alumni Mentorship Program. She also regularly contributes to legal education programs and speaks on various family law panels throughout Ontario. As a member of Epstein Cole’s student committee, Erin reviews applications and conducts interviews with potential candidates for the firm.

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