Katharine Zhang

Katharine Zhang is a Calgary lawyer or paralegal in the law firm Walsh LLP. The most recent record indicates the address of 2800-801 6 Ave. S.W. Calgary , Alberta T2P 4A3 (See on the map) and the contact phone is 403-267-8400, the fax number is 403-264-9400, the updated date is August 9th, 2023.

Katharine Zhang practice area is Estates & Trusts, Wills, the contact email is kzhang@walshlaw.ca, you can view full profile detail on the website . You can also find it in the Lawyer List K.

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Areas of Practice
Wills, Estates and Trusts

Katharine is a Partner at Walsh LLP who practices in the areas of Wills and Estates, and Estate Litigation and Dispute Resolution.

Estate planning and administration considerations are unique and personal to each individual. With this in mind, Katharine places particular emphasis on meeting with clients to discuss their circumstances and objectives and the various options that are available to achieve those goals. Katharine also encourages clients who have a plan in place to review their documents periodically, as circumstances and objectives can change with new life events and stages.

Having advocated in all levels of court in Alberta, Katharine is aware of the significant time and cost involved when litigation occurs. Her approach to estate planning therefore includes, in addition to protecting and transferring assets, management and mitigation of potential disputes. Katharine also has extensive experience with assisting Executors obtain the necessary Grants and Orders required to administer an estate, and with beneficiaries who require advice to understand their rights and entitlements in the administration process. Recognizing that estate assets are hard-earned, Katharine’s approach to estate administration focuses on providing practical solutions for her clients and curtailing potential litigation when possible.

Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Katharine now calls Calgary home. If you ask her whether she misses the buzz and bustle of Toronto, she might tell you to take a hike. Literally. If you’ve summited any of the mountains in the Canadian Rockies, you’ll get it – that’s a promise.

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