Jared Wiebe

Jared Wiebe is a Calgary lawyer or paralegal in the law firm Miles Davison LLP. The most recent record indicates the address of 900, 517 – 10th Avenue S.W. Calgary, Alberta T2R 0A8 (See on the map) and the contact phone is 403-298-0358, the fax number is 403-263-6840, the updated date is November 21st, 2023.

Jared Wiebe practice area is Family Law, the contact email is jwiebe@milesdavison.com, you can view full profile detail on the website milesdavison.com. You can also find it in the Lawyer List J.

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First Year of Call
2012 Alberta

Areas of Practice
Family Law

Jared provides support for families when they need it the most.
Jared’s experience in family law has taught him many lessons, but the lesson that continues to guide his practice most is that the needs of the children must be put first. It’s why he’ll always do his utmost to help clients reach a settlement, reducing the stress of litigation on all parties. Jared also places great importance on keeping his clients knowledgeable and informed of their options.

That philosophy, in conjunction with training as a mediator and a perpetually level head, makes him an incredible asset for families in stressful situations. Jared uses his skills and compassionate nature to help diffuse tense situations, allowing all parties to address sensitive matters with clarity, calmness and a focus on protecting children and assets. He has experience resolving all manner of disputes, from division of matrimonial property, custody and access to support payments. Although his focus is always on negotiating a settlement instead of heading to court, Jared is also an excellent litigator and has appeared at all levels of court in Alberta.

Being married with six children has greatly increased Jared's insight into family relationships and has honed his ability to help his clients manage issues related to the family. When Jared’s not serving his clients, he volunteers as a youth leader for the LDS church and plays in a band that performs at an annual Calgary lawyer’s charity battle of the bands.

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