Kenneth D. Craig

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Address: 1500, 401 West Georgia Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 5A1
Lawyer Firm: Lindsay Kenney LLP
Phone: 778-777-0070

First Year of Call
British Columbia 2016

Areas of Practice
Family Law

Kenneth is a family lawyer working from our Vancouver office. His practice focuses on all aspects of family law, including children’s law. Over the course of his career, Kenneth has obtained over 20 protection orders on a without notice basis, blocked a relocation of children from Vancouver Island to Metro Vancouver, obtained interim orders prohibiting parents from withholding children from the other parent after many months of withholding, obtained interim orders for sale of homes which led to settlement, negotiated many separation agreements through mediation over complex division of family property and debt involving transfer of shares in companies, and blocked attempts to have clients subjected to drug testing. Kenneth looks to achieve equitable solutions that preserve harmonious family dynamics for all his clients. He believes that the primary duty of a lawyer is to promote compromise and reconciliation through negotiation, mediation, and arbitration rather than through the exploitation of legal and adversarial advantages. He has represented clients successfully at trial in both the Provincial Court and Supreme Court of British Columbia.

Some Representative Experience:
Successfully achieved a settlement of over $2.5 million for our client in a high-conflict case involving very complex division of property including businesses, shares, and real property here and overseas as well as claims of child sexual abuse.
Successfully navigated a complex case dealing with allegations of family violence and substance abuse
Managed, negotiated and settled several complex spousal support cases
Successfully negotiated the enforcement of a parenting time agreement

Kenneth is a subject editor of the BC Courthouse Libraries Wikibook, “JP Boyd on Family Law”, having served as co-editor of the chapter on division of family property and family debt.

Before becoming a lawyer, Kenneth worked as a Park Ranger for the City of Vancouver. He also lived abroad and worked as an educator in Asia and Europe. In 2013, he completed his legal education and articled for a mid-sized Vancouver firm focussing on civil litigation and family law. He worked with several other mid-sized firms in Metro Vancouver before joining Lindsay Kenney.

When Kenneth is not at work, he enjoys spending time volunteering and mountain biking.

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