Armen Nazarian

Armen Nazarian is a Toronto lawyer or paralegal in the law firm Nazarian Law. The most recent record indicates the address of 715-130 Queens Quay E. Toronto, Ontario M5A 0P6 (See on the map) and the contact phone is 647-660-6900, the fax number is 647-660-6901, the updated date is August 17th, 2023.

Armen Nazarian practice area is General Practice, the contact email is, you can view full profile detail on the website You can also find it in the Lawyer List A.

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Areas of Practice
General Practice

Armen Nazarian is an entrepreneurial lawyer who founded Nazarian Law during the pandemic to offer innovative legal solutions for the modern day. He is also a real estate investor, business owner and board member for various organizations relevant to his practice.

Professional Associations
Canadian Bar Association
Ontario Bar Association
Law Society of Ontario
Armenian Bar Association
Waterfront BIA

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